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Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts

“Should I post this, or is it too much?” If you find yourself asking this question every time you decide to upload a photo to the ‘Gram, or tweet something, you might need to do a clean sweep and reevaluate what you’ve been showcasing on your account. Social media is …

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What is Social Media Doing to Your Relationships?

It is no surprise that  social media outlets (Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) are highly addictive.  They have the power and influence to feed our insecurities, can be toxic to our brand, but has anyone else noticed how they have been effecting our relationships? Social media has altered our idea of what a …

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Do You Peach?

Surprise, world! A new app is on the scene. Peach is the latest social media application that has gotten a little buzz since its release January 8. According to the New Republic, “Last Friday, Peach- a new app that lets users post status updates, images, and drawings- rocketed around social media …

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Azealia Banks’ “Ignorance” Is Her Relevance

It takes a lot in this music industry to stand out. We are in an over-saturated market where anyone can be popular. Thank you Youtube, Vine, Twitter and Instagram. Hip-hop is an industry of opinions, enter Azealia Banks. Harlem bred rapstress who is sitting pretty with her debut Broke With …

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