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Are Men Lacking Conversation Skills?

The short answer here would be a resounding “YES!” if you were to ask most women. Within the last week or so, this seems to be something I’ve heard multiple women complain about. Take this tweet for example from my friend in my head, Tracy G: Heads up, a lot …

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The New iMessage is a Must Have

If you thought putting your phone down was hard now, think again. With the anticipated launch of the iPhone 7 coming, Apple has finally released what the new iOS messaging will look like and it’s new features will have you glued to your phone. For all news junikes, this one …

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5 Apps to Get Your Life!

Today, we are afforded a wealth of technological advances that make our lives easier. Here you are at a friends house, rocking out to some of your favorite tunes when they decide to play something you’ve never heard before. You love the song and could ask your friend for the details …

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