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Inside His Mind: On Dating

What’s going on in the mind of a man while dating? Here is one man’s point of view. Asking a woman out on a date can be as nerve racking as opening a sealed envelope pending a standardized test score or as simple as recanting your phone number. For most men, asking …

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Being Mary Jane Episode 4: Getting Schooled

  This week, Being Mary Jane touched on a subject that has gotten – and perhaps always will – mixed reviews. We’ve come a long way from men being in baggy jeans and women being told it isn’t lady like to wear pants. Now, men wear skirts, blurring the lines …

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Situationships, A Complicated Love Series

Situationships are a lot like the Sour Patch kid commercials in reverse. First they’re sweet, then, they’re sour. Real sour. No situationship is the same, but many often result in the same unfortunate demise. One person wants more, the other is comfortable with the noncommittal environment, push leans on shove, and …

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