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I Decided: Calling it Quits

Okay, BrooklnButtah. I have a confession to make. It’ll probably sound a little weird at first, but I’m gonna explain myself. Just … go with me. This is something that’s been on my mind for a really long time: I really want to be a better quitter. I know, I …

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Quitting 101

So you’re ready to call it quits. Believe it or not, as much as you might hate a job and are ready to flip the table and walk out, there are rules to how it all works. First, make the decision that is time to pack it up and go. …

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4 Ways to Survive Your 9 to 5

As millenials, we get a bad rep. We want everything quickly, we’re never satisfied, and we can’t commit. Though we are often stereotyped in this way about situationships, sometimes it can apply to job situations, too. We do the college dance, get ambitious, and even go for a star-studded Masters …

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