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7 Reasons We Need To Stand With Colin Kaepernick

We are all aware of who Colin Kaepernick is. If you aren’t, then shame on you. Kaepernick, who is the former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, became a polarizing figure last season for his protests during the national anthem. Kaepernick took a stand, or rather a knee, to fight …

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CTE: Is Football Worth It?

One of America’s favorite pastime is finally upon us. Yup, football season is here and ready to take over our Sundays. This means endless conversations about favorite teams, who the best quarterback in the NFL is, and who is going to be in the Super Bowl come February. But the …

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5 Delicious Game Day Drinks

Get the paint ready, it’s game time. The NFL playoffs are underway; for those of you not partaking please skip over to the next page for the boozey recipes applicable for responsible consumption any time. But if you’re pumped, upset over the tough losses experienced over the weekend – sorry …

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Surviving The Playoffs

You’ve entered a bar and what do you notice? Unless you’re in a setting that’s ritzy and suggests that you sip with your pinky up, admit it, it’s pretty loud. There’s men and women with war paint across their cheeks, oversized jerseys, and are communicating at obscene decibel levels. It …

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