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Stamped Solo: New Passport, Who Dis?

One of the hardest questions to answer are those about yourself. It’s kinda like when you struggle to make your profile on OKCupid as interesting as possible. When somebody asks about who you are, innately you reduce yourself to ethnicity, talent, or what you do professionally. “Hi, I’m Brittany, twenty-four …

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Doctor Your Wallet

wallet -savings

How honest are you about your finances? Are you ashamed at how much you spend at Chipotle? Extra guac hurting your wallet? Time to get real. One of the most popular New Years resolutions after losing weight and perhaps traveling more is saving money. But then life happens. Whether it …

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#CupidsConquests: Holiday Gifts For Bae?

The holidays are in full swing. Stores are overrun by shoppers hoping to purchase that perfect gift for those near and dear to them. Whether it’s the life-sized Elsa doll from Frozen for your niece, a new game for your nephew, a tie for your grandpop and a special framed …

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