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Decoded: What Men Really Mean

Men love joking on “female logic.” There are – admittedly hilarious – memes about us not knowing what we want to eat (I now will never admit this out loud), not wanting our men to tweet certain women (I mean …), and, my favorite, jumping to conclusions. This one is …

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Inside His Mind: On Dating

What’s going on in the mind of a man while dating? Here is one man’s point of view. Asking a woman out on a date can be as nerve racking as opening a sealed envelope pending a standardized test score or as simple as recanting your phone number. For most men, asking …

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Table For One: Embracing The Solo-Date

Here we are again in the midst of cuffing season and some of us are still left with no bae and no prospects. Brace yourself for those “in a relationship” status updates, the cute cuffing pictures, and late night date snaps. With all the love in the air, it can …

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To Be a Black Man in Trump’s America

For Antonio Woods, a 30-year old black father of two from Tennessee, this year’s election heightened America’s issues with race, police, and security. “They (the government) put in office who they wanted to. His business skills got him elected, and they will determine how he runs this country,” he said. …

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Being Mary Jane, Episode 7: Black Mental Health

She can have it all. A promising career, a great family, and love. Ladies and gentlemen, Mary Jane is in love. Last week, the Patterson family showcased the importance of family values and helping each other, even Mary Jane was a bit home sick. This week, though, Mary Jane’s love …

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