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5 Things To Do Post-College

All college students for the most part have the same fears. Fear of flunking out, fear of not finding love, fear of being in the right major, fear of picking a major. But the most common and biggest fear is not finding a job after college. For the class of …

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4 Ways to Survive Your 9 to 5

As millenials, we get a bad rep. We want everything quickly, we’re never satisfied, and we can’t commit. Though we are often stereotyped in this way about situationships, sometimes it can apply to job situations, too. We do the college dance, get ambitious, and even go for a star-studded Masters …

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Boost Your Cover Letter With These Tips

As we throw ourselves into the world of opportunities, we think of the ways in which we can make ourselves most appealing to our desired industry. Prior to being granted an opportunity for a position – your applicative steps are essential to the impression you’ll give the employer. You’ll most …

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