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Being Mary Jane, Episode 7: Black Mental Health

She can have it all. A promising career, a great family, and love. Ladies and gentlemen, Mary Jane is in love. Last week, the Patterson family showcased the importance of family values and helping each other, even Mary Jane was a bit home sick. This week, though, Mary Jane’s love …

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Here’s Why Your Fitness Tracker Is Failing You

Fitness trackers are wearable devices designed to help those who want to further maximize their fitness gains. The term may refer to separate devices or apps that can be installed on any newer generation Android phone. However, according to these research results published in JAMA, people have misunderstood the way …

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African American Health Vs. The Doctor’s Office

Let’s be real for a second, when it comes to any discussion regarding health in the black community the doors close. While the door has been opening much more in recent years, there is still an uphill battle unpacking how health is approached by African Americans. Earlier this week Lil …

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