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Blake Von D: One Woman, Two Hats

Lifestyle blogger Blake Von D married her love for fashion and legality, forming her own space for women to love themselves and be about their business. She loves academia and can debate you under the table while in the hottest fashion styles and some red lipstick. Not your average visual …

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Draya Michele: Reality TV Star to Fashionista

New York Fashion Week is underway, in Throwback Thursday fashion we are taking a look at a woman who has taken the fashion world by surprise. Since her days on Basketball Wives, Draya Michele has become quite the powerhouse name as a mother, actress, model, and fashion designer. The former …

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Own It: Building from the Ground Up

So you want to start your own business. Hey, I’m right there with you. I’ve always wanted my own, even if I didn’t always know what that looked like. Now that I’m older, I still see things for myself, things that I’ve created with my own two hands. Though I’m …

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Treat Your Business Like A Garden

It’s nothing to cut that bitch off, to quote TK, but once it comes down to business that has mixed itself with personal relationships – things get a bit strange. Both men and women experience the, “but that’s my homie,” sentiment when dealing with a friend who simply isn’t pulling …

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Entrepreneurs, Is Your Social Media Sound?

As digital culture continues to seep into our everyday lives, we are expected to accommodate these changes by indulging in every aspect. We can buy groceries, pay our bills, and keep tabs on all of our friends and loved ones behind the glare of our phone screens. What’s beautiful about …

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