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Entrepreneurial Defeat – Push Through Or Fold

There are days while being an entrepreneur – whether it is full time or side hustle – where you feel like you’re living alone on an island state. Completely secluded from all of life’s joys, splendors, pearls of opportunity. Entrepreneurship will push you to be uncomfortable and adapt to the …

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7 Young Entrepreneurs Making Black History

The beautiful thing about black history is that there are so many people we have to commemorate and acknowledge for the sacrifices they have made and the barriers they broke. I’m sure we’ve heard the phrase, “every month is Black History Month” because our history is embedded in every culture …

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5 Tips On Staying Motivated Past The Jump

Steve Harvey encouraged us all to jump. Jump into whatever it is that is your passionate purpose, that fire that burns deep within your core. Jump. Or else live a life of what ifs, unfulfillment, the shoulda, coulda, wouldas. Some hear the call, leap, and realize that they are now …

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Jocelynn Jacobs, Stylist on the Move

There is no natural order of things, just ask wardrobe stylist Jocelynn Jacobs. Before entering the world of styling, Jocelynn worked in corporate America. Feeling unfulfilled and bored, she left her job and enrolled into Parsons School of Design. With just a few years of styling under her belt, Jocelynn …

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Stop Neglecting Your Mental Health

mental health kid cudi

Kid Cudi is brave. His transparency in a Facebook post earlier this week reveals a very real battle fought by many. Entrepreneurs, students, parents, all face the will to smile despite feeling very lost. We are not our best selves when our mental health is not at peace. In a …

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Own It: Building from the Ground Up

So you want to start your own business. Hey, I’m right there with you. I’ve always wanted my own, even if I didn’t always know what that looked like. Now that I’m older, I still see things for myself, things that I’ve created with my own two hands. Though I’m …

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