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So You Hate Your First Job (Part I)

Just because you hate your first job, that’s not a good enough reason to leave. This past spring many seniors graduated and have started their first position out of college. For a select few, they found the ideal job working for a well know company. For the majority, they landed …

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The Reality Of The College Life I Didn’t Want

“Go to college they said. It’ll be fun they said.” I’m here to tell you whoever “they” are, they lied… Well, not entirely. College does have its fun times but it’s nothing like what the movies suggest. Upon attending college, I had a vision in my head of what the …

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Surviving Your First Year of College

It doesn’t matter if you’re going as far away as possible or sticking around your old neighborhood, the first year of college can come with a slew of mixed emotions. You’re excited because, college. The experiences you will undoubtedly have will be memorable. But there’s also anxiety experienced by many. …

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5 Things To Do Post-College

All college students for the most part have the same fears. Fear of flunking out, fear of not finding love, fear of being in the right major, fear of picking a major. But the most common and biggest fear is not finding a job after college. For the class of …

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Get Creative In College

Do you want to go the extra mile while you’re in college? Ever considering creating a project and crafting it? You should do it!  It’s not going to hurt you, if anything it’s going to help you. It’s another excellent aspect to put on your resume. When applying to internships …

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You Better Intern!

Intern - Brooklyn Buttah

When entering college, we pretty much have our minds made up about everything. After months of research you’re sure this is the perfect school for you, you know exactly what dorm hall you want to stay in, and your mind is made up on what major you plan to study …

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