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Oh Shea Moisture, Not You Too.

You too Shea Moisture? It seems to be a string of unfortunate events for brands rolling out new campaigns. As consumers we are literally tired. Particularly black women, who are in fact, super consumers. Yes, black women’s pockets are what brands should be setting their greedy eyes on. Yet, they …

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Dear Black Men, Quit The Disrespect.

Black women are the most disrespected, underappreciated group of people in our society. Yeah, I said it. But what’s even sadder is that black men contribute to this cycle of disrespect. I have a question for the black men out there. Why the hatred for the women of your own race …

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Being Mary Jane Returns: Support or Sabotage

Fans have long awaited the return of Being Mary Jane after last season’s ending, referencing the volatile traffic stops of African Americans by police. We find Mary Jane in New York following the loss of her job at Talk Back after she used her platform to openly express her feelings of …

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