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StatureLife: Marcus Bolden – Driven

This interview originally appeared on StatureLife.com, head over to the site for the full chat with Marcus Bolden written by Tristan Lewis. In the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), the number of men represented in the industry has never been questioned. However, if we look at the …

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Dear Black Men, Quit The Disrespect.

Black women are the most disrespected, underappreciated group of people in our society. Yeah, I said it. But what’s even sadder is that black men contribute to this cycle of disrespect. I have a question for the black men out there. Why the hatred for the women of your own race …

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To Be a Black Man in Trump’s America

For Antonio Woods, a 30-year old black father of two from Tennessee, this year’s election heightened America’s issues with race, police, and security. “They (the government) put in office who they wanted to. His business skills got him elected, and they will determine how he runs this country,” he said. …

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Being Mary Jane, Episode 7: Black Mental Health

She can have it all. A promising career, a great family, and love. Ladies and gentlemen, Mary Jane is in love. Last week, the Patterson family showcased the importance of family values and helping each other, even Mary Jane was a bit home sick. This week, though, Mary Jane’s love …

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Why I Needed To See ‘Moonlight’

Standing in the moonlight, black boys do look blue. I remember sitting in the theatre with the awestruck of a child whose parents told them they could open one present on the midnight of Christmas Eve. Just one. For most of the film, I was smiling so hard my cheeks …

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