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4 Ways To Make Shopping Easy

“Uuuggghhh …I have to find an outfit for tomorrow night. I don’t know what to wear. I hate shopping; people get on my damn nerves. I wish I could just have the stores to myself and not have to wait in line, or have people bumping into me, or even …

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Instagram Celebs, We’re Not Buying What You’re Selling

If you’re followers on Instagram are poppin’, you’re probably trying to sell me something. It’s become an Instagram trend where “Insta-famous” models and celebrities are using their influence to promote products that simply don’t work. I guess you can call it a tradition. It’s almost like you aren’t solidified in your …

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Oh Shea Moisture, Not You Too.

You too Shea Moisture? It seems to be a string of unfortunate events for brands rolling out new campaigns. As consumers we are literally tired. Particularly black women, who are in fact, super consumers. Yes, black women’s pockets are what brands should be setting their greedy eyes on. Yet, they …

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Isaiah Thomas Is My New Favorite Basketball Player

Tonight (April 18), Isaiah Thomas will undoubtedly take the court in Game 2 against the Chicago Bulls amidst learning how “uncomfortable” he made commentators like Charles Barkley and Stephen A. Crockett Jr. feel. No more than a few days has passed since the tragic death of his younger sister, and …

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