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Warner Bros., Leave Mike Brown Alone

It is safe to say that everybody knows who Mike Brown is. Former Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson fatally shot 18-year-old Brown nearly three years ago. Wilson lost his job. However, he was not found guilty of police misconduct and was exonerated of all criminal wrongdoing. Things just continue …

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4 Ways To Make Shopping Easy

“Uuuggghhh …I have to find an outfit for tomorrow night. I don’t know what to wear. I hate shopping; people get on my damn nerves. I wish I could just have the stores to myself and not have to wait in line, or have people bumping into me, or even …

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Instagram Celebs, We’re Not Buying What You’re Selling

If you’re followers on Instagram are poppin’, you’re probably trying to sell me something. It’s become an Instagram trend where “Insta-famous” models and celebrities are using their influence to promote products that simply don’t work. I guess you can call it a tradition. It’s almost like you aren’t solidified in your …

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