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Good Livin’

3 Healthy Recipes For Your Organic Pleasures

Eating organically is not always easy because most of the time you don’t know where to start – especially when you’re switching to something that is foreign to you. There’s been decades of conversation around organic eating and whether it’s really good for you. We’re not going to get into …

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Decoded: What Men Really Mean

Men love joking on “female logic.” There are – admittedly hilarious – memes about us not knowing what we want to eat (I now will never admit this out loud), not wanting our men to tweet certain women (I mean …), and, my favorite, jumping to conclusions. This one is …

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Grad School Taught Me

Grad school taught me more than academics. As I wrap up my two-year graduate school program, I begin to reflect on my experience in school. As you can all imagine, I learned more than I originally signed up for. My perspective on my career choice, my life, my family, my …

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Table For One: Embracing The Solo-Date

Here we are again in the midst of cuffing season and some of us are still left with no bae and no prospects. Brace yourself for those “in a relationship” status updates, the cute cuffing pictures, and late night date snaps. With all the love in the air, it can …

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7 Ways to Take Care of Yourself During Finals

The most stressful time of the year for college students is approaching rapidly (or in full swing): finals week. It’s the point in the semester where it involves nothing but endless amounts of coffee, sleepless nights, and anxiety. However, you can’t let the stress of passing your finals consume you. …

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