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Good Livin’

Thirsty Thursday: What About Your Friends?

In bar culture, your coworkers are apart of the pack. You fend off unruly patrons together, laugh at those same patrons together, and often times catch an after-work night cap together. Unfortunately, you won’t always get along with your coworkers and it can sometime result in a crappy night. For …

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Is This Love?

Infatuation is a pivotal aspect in a little game called “getting to know you.” It highlights the traits that you will probably enjoy the most in this person and helps tremendously in bonding with those who were once strangers. Now, you’ve put in a good amount of time with your …

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Thirsty Thursdays: I’m Not Your Physician

Bartenders and wait staff are nearly one in the same. While bartenders handle the stress of the occupants behind their bar, their supporting wait staff handling the surrounding tables can often times experience some of the oddest situations with diners. Throw in the environment of a popular chain restaurant in …

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Holiday Quick Fix: Hot Cocoa Anyone?

New York isn’t feeling too frightful just yet as is typical with this time of year, but the commercials don’t lie, the holidays are upon us. With Christmas lists growing, Thanksgiving menus expanding, and New Years Eve plans brewing, the holidays scream good times and sharing a piping cup of hot …

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Buttah Nights: Sevyn Streeter Takes Over S.O.Bs

Sevyn Streeter is a singer, songwriter, and everybody’s real-ass girlfriend who keeps it 100 percent trill. The Florida-native wooed a sold-out New York City crowd Thursday Nov. 12 performing hits like the Chris Brown-assisted “Don’t Kill the Fun,” “Boomerang,” and “Call Me Crazy.” Warming up the crowd with a range …

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