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5 Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

fathers day

Father’s Day is right around the corner and the last minute gift hunt has begun. When it comes to our dads, it may not be easy picking out a gift for him. But, good news for you, I’m here to help you with that. If you haven’t started thinking about …

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7 Destinations To Travel On A Budget Last Minute

With the clear blue skies, golden sun shining, and the beautiful weather, summer is the perfect time of year for traveling. During these warm months, everyone is trying to book their vacation. However, sometimes it’s not easy to plan – especially when it’s last minute and you’re watching your wallet. …

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Your 5 Step Guide To Waxing

Body hair has been a conversation among people for a very long time with shaving being at the forefront of it. Shaving has been around for centuries dating back as far as Ancient Egyptian times. Women, along with men, love to shave to keep their body groomed. But what about …

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Vegan Recipe Names = Alternative Facts

Vegans, listen, we need to talk. These vegan recipe names are out of control. They are the epitome of false advertisements. Complete alternative facts, and I can’t understand why. Vegan recipes are quite delicious – let’s make that clear. But their recipe names? Complete lies. And not just a small white lie… …

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