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Selfish: Today’s Dating Game


“Yeah, maybe I’m selfish. I want you to myself; I can’t help it.” – Slum Village feat. Kanye West and John Legend, “Selfish” Dating is ridiculously weird these days. People take forever to decide whether they want to be a couple, or they don’t at all, and just end up …

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The Formula: Why Chemistry Isn’t Enough

Even though I wasn’t all that great in Chemistry, I always thought it was pretty cool. You take the time to mix elements together and get something completely different. Sometimes things mix well, and other times they blow up in your face. It’s the same thing when it comes to …

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Work-Love Balance: In a Hopeless Place

I’ll be the first to admit that dating sounds good in theory. Dating is a lot like the job hunt: you look nice, ask questions, answer them, and consider what to say if you get called with an offer. Sure, a job is great, but who likes putting in all …

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Lo’s Love Letters – #101

Hello Saints and Aints. Lo checking in. Welcome to Lo’s Love Letters. A column where I have absolutely no idea what I’ll be talking about half the time but if I tried I’d probably be able to write a book. I don’t have much real advice, cause quite frankly my …

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Why The Shame?

We all love boobs. From perky ones to pouty ones, boobs are an easily lovable asset. What I love most about mine is that they can be used to express my sexuality; a piece of me that is incredibly woman. It is no secret that women have been shamed out …

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