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How to Spend V-Day Without Breaking The Bank

Worried your Valentine’s Day ideas don’t match your bank account? With careful planning and some Groupon or LivingSocial coupons, you and bae can enjoy several unforgettable moments – don’t knock em’ til you try em’. It’s important to make your spouse or significant other feel important on Valentine’s Day, while …

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7 Romantic Cities for your Valentine’s Day

We are 12 smooth days away from the day deemed for the lovers. Do you have your plans in order for bae? For those who like to travel to different destinations around Valentine’s Day, there are many romantic cities around the world to add to your bucket list. We can all …

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Buttah Love Diaries: My Manager Tried It.

I was in my relationship for almost two years. We were talking about moving in together; I had just graduated school and got a promotion at work, and he moved up the ranks in the army. We were in a great place and with this being our first Valentine’s Day …

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Mercury Retrograde, Bring On The Exes

Mercury Retrograde is approaching (starting on December 19) and it gives us three weeks to slow down, plan our next moves, and reassess priorities. You may not believe in astrology, and that’s fine; just notice any happenings around this time, whether it is an old friend popping up, your computer …

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First Time Can Be the Last

After coming into a few first impressions as of late, I realized people are not what you expect them to be. When we first meet someone, we are on our best behavior.  We have on a mask and we want to impress someone to see us again. Phone calls and …

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Situationships, A Complicated Love Series Finale

Our situationships love story series rolls into a close with two very different entries. From smashing the homies to college love birds, these two authors experienced some very raw emotions. Throughout this series there is one binding thread shared throughout, keeping an open line of honest communication and managing your …

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