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Celebrate Valentine’s Day Around the World

It’s the national day of love. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. By the end of today, we hope you will have received your heart-shaped chocolates, stuffed animals, bouquet of flowers, and whatever other  typical gifts found in the United States. But not every country shows their love with aphrodisiacs and stuffed animals. …

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Valentine’s Day: Live Blackly Ever After

When a bouquet of roses becomes just a little cliche, check out these gifts from black creators to give your love on Valentine’s Day.  With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you may want to start planning and do everything right. There are a multitude of things we see online …

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For Bae, From Bae – Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means it is time to find the perfect gift for that lover in your life. Tis a day about love, romance, and sharing that love with others – as you should every other day. Whether you’re in a new relationship, old relationship, dating …

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Buttah Love Diaries: A Soulmate No More

He and I spoke every single day, all day. From morning to midnight, we were on and off the phone for hours at a time sharing thoughts, ideas, and exchanging emotions. Numerous sessions caring for each other’s mental, emotional, and physical needs. He helped me discover a vulnerability I was …

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