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Live Life

Stamped Solo: New Passport, Who Dis?

One of the hardest questions to answer are those about yourself. It’s kinda like when you struggle to make your profile on OKCupid as interesting as possible. When somebody asks about who you are, innately you reduce yourself to ethnicity, talent, or what you do professionally. “Hi, I’m Brittany, twenty-four …

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A Promise To 2017

I am currently sitting at my desk. My hair is a damp mess of curls and I have missed her in this unworried state. She is unimpressed with my efforts in me trying to detangle her, tame her. So I will let her just be. 2016, what do I have …

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#WorthMyTime2017: Learning the Value of Time

#WasteHerTime2016 and #WasteHisTime2016 had to be two of the most realist hashtags of the year yet. Using the tag, millennials single-handedly captured all the foolishness of dating in the 21st century. We spent so much time getting a good laugh at all the ways one could possibly waste someone’s time, …

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