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Natural Beauty Is Where It’s At, #BeHumble

Lets keep it a buck, we celebrate natural beauty but we don’t really celebrate natural beauty. With the constant glorification of fake bodies on every social medium, natural beauty has become something that isn’t appreciated enough beyond the occassional “yasss” under an Instagram post. We’re surrounded by women who are …

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3 Flight Amenities Airlines Need To Update

When it comes to traveling, flying is always a first choice. You can travel to and from around country and the world in decent timing. Sometimes tickets are affordable, especially when using travel websites such as Expedia, or Travelocity. The only issue with flying is that you invest money into a …

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Stamped Solo: Eat. Pray. Survive. Travel.

Travel was unfamiliar to me as a child. My parents couldn’t afford to take me to Disneyland or off the coast of the Caribbean Sea. When my family could, we took picnic trips to Central Park with baskets filled with fried chicken sandwiches, potato salad, and a fresh lemonade. Before …

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