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7 Destinations To Travel On A Budget Last Minute

With the clear blue skies, golden sun shining, and the beautiful weather, summer is the perfect time of year for traveling. During these warm months, everyone is trying to book their vacation. However, sometimes it’s not easy to plan – especially when it’s last minute and you’re watching your wallet. …

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Table For One: Embracing The Solo-Date

Here we are again in the midst of cuffing season and some of us are still left with no bae and no prospects. Brace yourself for those “in a relationship” status updates, the cute cuffing pictures, and late night date snaps. With all the love in the air, it can …

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Natural Beauty Is Where It’s At, #BeHumble

Lets keep it a buck, we celebrate natural beauty but we don’t really celebrate natural beauty. With the constant glorification of fake bodies on every social medium, natural beauty has become something that isn’t appreciated enough beyond the occassional “yasss” under an Instagram post. We’re surrounded by women who are …

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