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Burn Calories

2000 Squats For The Booty Of Your Dreams

Squats are more fun when you feel the burn with someone else, be it your sister or sister friend. “Mirror twins” Miriam and Michelle Carolus are exactly identical, right down to finely chiseled bottom causing major envy in jeans. Hailing from Miami, Florida, the 28-year-olds manage their identical curvy physique by …

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3 Tools For Your New Year, New Body


It’s the New Year so time for a new body, right? Every year plenty of people place in their resolutions to get their bodies in shape. With that commitment comes a rush to gyms and a search for trainers that hold the key, not DJ Khaled, to provide adequate help during this time …

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Get Out Of Your Fitness Rut

Around this time, one of the most common things you’ll hear is, “new year, new me.” People tend to say this in regards to a variety of things ranging from their attitudes to their spending habits to their work ethic. One of the main things we should focus on as …

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