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Black Artists, Forever Painting Pain Into Beauty

Begat on the dirty mattress I have to ask, if you’ve done this before, carved out casket from body, brittle bone, & bullet blistering- nation’s conscious or lack thereof festering on like pus from a sole trodden in arsenic glass, picked the bullets from loose cartilage and translated into a …

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This Election, An Impactful Lesson

Every time I hear the Donald Trump sound bite in which he asks the African-Americans of the country, “What do you have to lose?” I immediately think, damn near everything or at the minimum the ground that was gained over the last eight years of my life with my main …

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What Is So Confusing About Consent?

consent-nate parker

There is an emphasis right now in society on protesting police brutality of black folks. As this continues to go on there is another issue that I believe still needs some addressing. This issue I speak of is rape. Sexual contact that is not consensual. This has been in the …

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Cove Alpa: Major Key Review

Courtesy of our friends at CoveAlpa.com, check out this dope review penned by Anthony Ragler of DJ Khaled’s Major Key album.  When DJ Khaled released his “Wise Words with DJ Khaled” video, I thought there was no way this would catch on to be such a movement — rather a phase …

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How I Handle “Baby Fever”

I’m 27 now and it’s pretty common that my peers and the greater majority talk about “baby fever” at this age. When the big 3-0 happens to be on the horizon, everyone starts to wonder about the nuances of parenting. Who would your partner be? Do you want a boy …

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