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His Relations

What Is So Confusing About Consent?

consent-nate parker

There is an emphasis right now in society on protesting police brutality of black folks. As this continues to go on there is another issue that I believe still needs some addressing. This issue I speak of is rape. Sexual contact that is not consensual. This has been in the …

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How I Handle “Baby Fever”

I’m 27 now and it’s pretty common that my peers and the greater majority talk about “baby fever” at this age. When the big 3-0 happens to be on the horizon, everyone starts to wonder about the nuances of parenting. Who would your partner be? Do you want a boy …

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Are Men Lacking Conversation Skills?

The short answer here would be a resounding “YES!” if you were to ask most women. Within the last week or so, this seems to be something I’ve heard multiple women complain about. Take this tweet for example from my friend in my head, Tracy G: Heads up, a lot …

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Maybe I’m Petty

We all have a list of turn-ons and turnoffs. Many times we can be accused of being too petty or nitpicky when it comes to our turnoffs. On a long ass train ride this weekend to La Marina, my old roommate and I were catching up. He asked me about …

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Power Of The P.U.S.S.Y

Let me talk to the fellas today about a topic we’ve all discussed before but still don’t have the answers we need to completely fight and win this battle. I’m here today to let y’all in on a little secret. Let me give you a little reminder of why you …

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Memorial Day is over and that officially marks the end of cuffing season. I know most of you are mad but hey, you had all fall to find you a bae, all winter to stay warm, cuddle, be nasty, and spring time to fall in love. For those on the other …

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