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Counting Coins

53 Years of “Equal Pay”

Yesterday (April 12), we all gathered around to celebrate the 79 cents every woman makes to their male counterparts dollar. Hooray for progress. Despite being mandated as law in 1963 via the Equal Pay Act, women are still being underpaid for the same amount (and so much more) of work …

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Split Up Your Funds

The money is the motive; daily, entrepreneurs and folks hitting the pavement to climb the corporate ladder are all thinking about one thing: how to get more green paper. The cost of living is rising. The desire to feed our inner wanderlust is unchanging. Most importantly, the need to enjoy …

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Which Tax App is For You?

Every single year around this time, the American people have one thing in common and that’s waiting for their W-2s but more so who they are going to file their taxes with. Some of the mainstream services that advertise their companies are H&R Block, Jackson & Hewitt, and Turbo tax. …

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Pocket Change Budget, High Fashion Tastes

Like Kanye West once said, “wait till I get my money right.” Who doesn’t want to rock the latest, compete with the fashionable Insta-famous, but alas champagne tastes and Old English budgets trump those dreams. In the days of Ye’s and Kim K’s, our society’s expectation is to already see the …

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