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Counting Coins

Make That Tax Refund Stretch

By now, you should have filled out your tax return and you are either waiting patiently for your dollars or plotting on how to spend those dollars. Ain’t nothin’ like seeing that money hit your bank account, it’s like Christmas in the spring, right? Back in college, it made sense …

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Doctor Your Wallet

wallet -savings

How honest are you about your finances? Are you ashamed at how much you spend at Chipotle? Extra guac hurting your wallet? Time to get real. One of the most popular New Years resolutions after losing weight and perhaps traveling more is saving money. But then life happens. Whether it …

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Money Matters: Save Every 5 Dollar Bill

We are a generation of challenges. Scroll through Instagram and you’ll be sure to soak in at least three different fitness or foodie challenges you’ve double tapped and possibly screen-shotted to consider trying. The challenge makes it interesting. Like exercise or better eating habits, money saving challenges are amongst the …

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Airfordable, A “Layaway” For Cheap Flights

Planning a trip is sometimes a spontaneous thought; leading one to whatever site or app to locate the cheapest flights whether far off in advance or within a short six weeks. Making planning easier and more affordable is recently launched Chicago-based startup, Airfordable. Like any other cheap flight site, you land …

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4 Ways to Survive Your 9 to 5

As millenials, we get a bad rep. We want everything quickly, we’re never satisfied, and we can’t commit. Though we are often stereotyped in this way about situationships, sometimes it can apply to job situations, too. We do the college dance, get ambitious, and even go for a star-studded Masters …

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