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Better Business

Nailing Your Interview

Finding a new job can be nerve-racking as well as time consuming but when you get that one call back, you’re ecstatic and ready to start as soon as possible. Before you go in and begin to sell yourself to the company, there are a few things you’ll need to …

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Entrepreneurs, Is Your Social Media Sound?

As digital culture continues to seep into our everyday lives, we are expected to accommodate these changes by indulging in every aspect. We can buy groceries, pay our bills, and keep tabs on all of our friends and loved ones behind the glare of our phone screens. What’s beautiful about …

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DJ Khaled – What the Hell Does He Do?

Who is DJ Khaled? Anyone submerged in social media has at some point seen or heard about this man and his “inspirational” keys to success. But what exactly has he done to put him in a position to give advice? I know I’m not the only one who identifies him …

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Meek Mill Should Consider His Brand with Releases

Meek Mill

Last Saturday Meek Mill released 4/4, an EP featuring “I’m Da Plug,” a track seemingly meant to re-spark a battle with Drake, which honestly ended centuries ago. It was still warm outside when Drake dropped “Back to Back,” the diss track that instantly became a club hit, and perhaps permanently …

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Who's On Your Squad?

Who’s on your squad? No matter the size of your team – party for two or 10 – knowing who is on your team, the role they play, and keeping a sense of oneness throughout your company is important for any business’ success. According to an article titled “Twelve Ways …

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Rev Run Joins Forces With AT&T's Inspired Mobility

Rev Run understands the power of social media, while he admittedly won’t call himself a pro, he has utilized Twitter as his gateway to providing his #WordsOfWisdom – offering free inspiration to all needing it. Now, the hip-hop legend is taking his words on a grander scale – partnering with AT&T …

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Sticking To Your Guns

No is a powerful word. The one-syllable, two-letter word packs a punch for those on the receiving end of it, effectively putting an end to whatever the request is. Entrepreneurs especially need to master the art of simply saying no. As much as you’d like your business to make everyone …

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I Like To Multi-Task

Are you a master multi-tasker? How does your time management stack up in checking off your business’ priority tasks while still meeting the demands of your 9 to 5? According to Oprah,  and many other successful business leaders, the idea of multitasking while running a business is not only bad …

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