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Better Business

5 Things To Do Post-College

All college students for the most part have the same fears. Fear of flunking out, fear of not finding love, fear of being in the right major, fear of picking a major. But the most common and biggest fear is not finding a job after college. For the class of …

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Get Creative In College

Do you want to go the extra mile while you’re in college? Ever considering creating a project and crafting it? You should do it!  It’s not going to hurt you, if anything it’s going to help you. It’s another excellent aspect to put on your resume. When applying to internships …

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You Better Intern!

Intern - Brooklyn Buttah

When entering college, we pretty much have our minds made up about everything. After months of research you’re sure this is the perfect school for you, you know exactly what dorm hall you want to stay in, and your mind is made up on what major you plan to study …

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Professionalism 101

Do's and Dont's

Getting a job after college is very rewarding and exciting. You actually have a paycheck coming every other week doing what you love. But with this amazing job, there is responsibility. It’s important at all levels of any job or internship you enter that you remain professional. What you want …

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Social Media & Company Culture

What is your company’s culture? Yes, knowing exactly what the tempo of your office is – virtual or brick-and-mortar – are important. Is your office the type to allow Ivy Park one pieces and kicks with Lemonade blaring through the speakers or are you a bit more conservative? When in …

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4 Books To Help You Leap Into Boss Mode

Being an entrepreneur can be a very liberating and stressful job.  Very few people want a boss; many aspire to be the boss. Being the boss entails a lot of hard work and dedication. What scares most about starting their own business is not knowing what it exactly entails. Before …

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Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts

“Should I post this, or is it too much?” If you find yourself asking this question every time you decide to upload a photo to the ‘Gram, or tweet something, you might need to do a clean sweep and reevaluate what you’ve been showcasing on your account. Social media is …

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Understanding Leverage

Your network is your net worth, and yet, when it’s time to level up and utilize those contacts many find themselves stuck between a rock and “I don’t know how to ask this” place. What is the point of networking – attending the events, feeling uncomfortable, schmoozing, battling dry mouth …

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Quitting 101

So you’re ready to call it quits. Believe it or not, as much as you might hate a job and are ready to flip the table and walk out, there are rules to how it all works. First, make the decision that is time to pack it up and go. …

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