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Better Business

7 Tips To Defeat Procrastination

Some of us battle with the procrastination bug where we struggle to be productive throughout the day. I’m one of those people. It seems no matter how hard we fight it, we just can’t seem to shake it. We might have a deadline looming but instead of doing our work, …

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Make That Tax Refund Stretch

By now, you should have filled out your tax return and you are either waiting patiently for your dollars or plotting on how to spend those dollars. Ain’t nothin’ like seeing that money hit your bank account, it’s like Christmas in the spring, right? Back in college, it made sense …

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Entrepreneurial Defeat – Push Through Or Fold

There are days while being an entrepreneur – whether it is full time or side hustle – where you feel like you’re living alone on an island state. Completely secluded from all of life’s joys, splendors, pearls of opportunity. Entrepreneurship will push you to be uncomfortable and adapt to the …

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What Is Your Leadership Compass

In your professional and personal life you will come into contact with people who tackle life and work in a plethora of ways. In order to navigate the workplace smoothly, you have to understand people’s leaderships styles- including your own. It is through this self-awareness and that of others that …

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Mind Your Busyness: Are You Doing too Much?

I can have a hard time sitting still. It’s not in an all-over-the-place kind of way; it’s more of an, I-have-to-keep-going kind of way. I like being busy, mostly because I like the feeling of working towards something, of getting one step closer. Sometimes, though, being busy is the easiest …

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5 Tips On Staying Motivated Past The Jump

Steve Harvey encouraged us all to jump. Jump into whatever it is that is your passionate purpose, that fire that burns deep within your core. Jump. Or else live a life of what ifs, unfulfillment, the shoulda, coulda, wouldas. Some hear the call, leap, and realize that they are now …

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