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Shekera Clarke

My name is Shekera Clarke. I am currently a senior at the University at Albany majoring in journalism with a business minor. I grew up in Queens, NY. QGTM! My goals upon graduating include either writing for a pop culture magazine/blog or work for ESPN because of my love for sports - whether that's behind the scenes or on air.

Dear Black Men, Quit The Disrespect.

Black women are the most disrespected, underappreciated group of people in our society. Yeah, I said it. But what’s even sadder is that black men contribute to this cycle of disrespect. I have a question for the black men out there. Why the hatred for the women of your own race …

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The Reality Of The College Life I Didn’t Want

“Go to college they said. It’ll be fun they said.” I’m here to tell you whoever “they” are, they lied… Well, not entirely. College does have its fun times but it’s nothing like what the movies suggest. Upon attending college, I had a vision in my head of what the …

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5 DIY Scrubs To Leave You Face Glowing

Taking care of your skin is one of the most important things you can do for yourself because our skin is the largest barrier against infection that we have. Keeping our skin healthy helps keep that barrier strong. Therefore, when our skin is healthy it’s more resilient to fighting infections. …

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Dear Filmmakers, Leave Our Classics Alone

What if I told you that your favorite movie was being rebooted; you’d be happy right? You would probably be bouncing off the walls with so much excitement. But, what if I told you that in that reboot they were changing the key elements that made it one of your …

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Natural Beauty Is Where It’s At, #BeHumble

Lets keep it a buck, we celebrate natural beauty but we don’t really celebrate natural beauty. With the constant glorification of fake bodies on every social medium, natural beauty has become something that isn’t appreciated enough beyond the occassional “yasss” under an Instagram post. We’re surrounded by women who are …

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