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My name is Shekera Clarke. I am currently a senior at the University at Albany majoring in journalism with a business minor. I grew up in Queens, NY. QGTM! My goals upon graduating include either writing for a pop culture magazine/blog or work for ESPN because of my love for sports - whether that's behind the scenes or on air.

NBA: Lets Strive For Some Consistency, Thanks.

The NBA offseason has been a pretty interesting one. Some would even say it’s been more entertaining than the whole season. With the trades and free agent signings some teams made, the league is gearing up for an exciting 2017-18 season. But no news rocked the NBA this offseason more …

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7 Reasons We Need To Stand With Colin Kaepernick

We are all aware of who Colin Kaepernick is. If you aren’t, then shame on you. Kaepernick, who is the former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, became a polarizing figure last season for his protests during the national anthem. Kaepernick took a stand, or rather a knee, to fight …

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CTE: Is Football Worth It?

One of America’s favorite pastime is finally upon us. Yup, football season is here and ready to take over our Sundays. This means endless conversations about favorite teams, who the best quarterback in the NFL is, and who is going to be in the Super Bowl come February. But the …

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8 Ways To Handle Sexism In The Workplace

Sexism in the workplace is something a lot of women grapple with every day. For example, they are expected to tolerate sexist jokes and comments, pet names like “sweetheart,” and comments about their appearances. They deal with it because of the fear of being seen as humorless or uncooperative. There …

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6 Signs You’re Suffering From Work Burnout

Burnout is a chronic stress syndrome that develops gradually because of a prolonged stress situation. There are a lot of people who deal with this syndrome within their 9-5’s. Sometimes your job isn’t something you want to do or even look forward to going to. You start to dread everything …

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