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7 Young Entrepreneurs Making Black History

The beautiful thing about black history is that there are so many people we have to commemorate and acknowledge for the sacrifices they have made and the barriers they broke. I’m sure we’ve heard the phrase, “every month is Black History Month” because our history is embedded in every culture …

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7 Romantic Cities for your Valentine’s Day

We are 12 smooth days away from the day deemed for the lovers. Do you have your plans in order for bae? For those who like to travel to different destinations around Valentine’s Day, there are many romantic cities around the world to add to your bucket list. We can all …

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3 Flight Amenities Airlines Need To Update

When it comes to traveling, flying is always a first choice. You can travel to and from around country and the world in decent timing. Sometimes tickets are affordable, especially when using travel websites such as Expedia, or Travelocity. The only issue with flying is that you invest money into a …

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Keeping Fit on Vacation

What is your biggest regret when coming back from vacation? Is it not having enough beach time, or maybe not doing as many activities as you wanted? What about exercise? I don’t think I ever think about exercise when I’m on vacation, I mean why would I? It’s a vacation, …

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