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Hey, I’m Jordan. 28. Just married. Mother. Vegetarian attempting to be vegan, but DAMN - my momma makes some banging baked macaroni & cheese. Total advocate for part-time veganism... You can do it!


Black Indie Artists… Know of any? If we’re being frank, when it comes to indie artists, the musicians who get the most recognition look nothing like you. It’s almost to the point where indie music is practically mainstream pop–and what a shame. For the record: the definition of indie music …

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5 Must-Shop African Fashion Stores

Where to buy african print clothing

It looks like dashiki and African clothing are currently (and have been) trending. Not only are our supa fly black celebs rocking the prints of the motherland, so are our fairer skinned brothers and sisters too. And, we’re all (mostly) here for that—as long as there’s no crazy cultural appropriation …

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Vegan Recipe Names = Alternative Facts

Vegans, listen, we need to talk. These vegan recipe names are out of control. They are the epitome of false advertisements. Complete alternative facts, and I can’t understand why. Vegan recipes are quite delicious – let’s make that clear. But their recipe names? Complete lies. And not just a small white lie… …

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