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Hey Y'all! Im Dominique Burns. Currently I am Senior at Hampton University studying Journalism from Northern Virginia (DMV) area. My goals upon graduating are to write for a magazine or blog similar to this one. Im a pop culture junkie but love to get down to the facts! Check out my posts and enjoy !

Surviving Your First Year of College

It doesn’t matter if you’re going as far away as possible or sticking around your old neighborhood, the first year of college can come with a slew of mixed emotions. You’re excited because, college. The experiences you will undoubtedly have will be memorable. But there’s also anxiety experienced by many. …

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Malia Obama Is Just Like Me

Being under the public eye’s supervision almost every second of the day is not my type of lifestyle. Of course there are perks to being famous, having an outstanding social media following, or having thousands of people look up to you and know your name; but, there is also a …

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