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BrooklynButtah is the premier digital lifestyle magazine celebrating the black and brown entrepreneurs, creatives, anti-mainstream and opinionated hustlers. Connecting, Empower, and Inspiring with real stories, features and the news that matters.

In this technology-driven society we have lost a fundamental skill, talking to people and preserving the stories that showcase African American men and women in lights beyond reality television. There is a variety of diversely creative individuals scattered around the concrete jungles of the world with a story that connects them – BrooklynButtah aims to uncover and share these stories with the skill of words, photos, and video.

With a blend of featured pieces to use as a resource – whether to line your pockets with extra cash, shed a few pounds, or try a new recipe – others to spark conversation, and the inclusion of news directly effecting black and brown people across the world, BrooklynButtah is the pocket sized know-it-all in your pocket with some good chicken noodle soup for the soul.

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