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Are You Sure You Hate Tasha from ‘Insecure?’

I will always love Insecure for being one of the realest, most relatable shows currently on television. I’m a little piece of all the characters in some way, and I think that’s part of the reason the show always hits home.

Episode two of season two aired Sunday night (July 30), and viewers – on the ladies side of the room – seemed to have a lot to say about Tasha’s current role in the show.

Women were tweeting about not liking Tasha while the #LawrenceHive was wondering what the issue was. And the more I think about it, maybe we don’t dislike Tasha. Maybe we actually feel sorry for her. I know I do.
Even if you don’t have the curves or the country accent, you can clearly remember a time where, like Tasha, you made a fool of yourself over a man who just was not that into you. What is there to really have against Tasha? She was single, and flirted with a man she found attractive – normal. She saw what she wanted and went after it – commendable. She was respectful when Lawrence told her about Issa – perfect. It’s not necessarily that Tasha has done anything wrong; maybe it’s that we don’t want to see her make the mistakes we’ve made before.

Tasha is triggering.

Not because she overstepped, or was inappropriate, but because she will inevitably get hurt in all this, and we don’t wanna go through that again. Even if it is just on a thirty minute TV show.
Right now, Tasha is someone many have been before, even if it was only once: Cool Girl. The girl that wants you to want more out of the situationship; the girl that is way more interested than you, the guy she’s entertaining; the girl you took out to eat once but cared enough to ask if you were hungry.
This woman is In. Ves. Ted, okay?! And where is Lawrence? Ignoring texts because he’s stuck on next steps with the ex. Man, sometimes it’s so hard to watch. The #LawrenceHive seems to think people hate Tasha for no reason, but maybe it’s because she reminds us of how we once were, and all that came with it. We don’t always like to be reminded of what life was like before we met our learning curve.
If you haven’t been the Cool Girl yet, you will be at some point, because sometimes … things really are just cool. If that were the case with Tasha, I’d be all for it. I just get the feeling she’s not gonna be okay with this grey area for much longer.

So is Tasha really hated?

I’m not sure. You know hate is really just love when you get to the bottom of things. I like to think I’m not the only one feeling sorry for her. I vividly remember that Cool Girl phase of life. It wasn’t to the same extreme as Tasha’s, but it was equally unenjoyable. I had all these feelings I didn’t share – I fell in love and didn’t say anything – and nothing about it was cool.
Issa isn’t the only person on the show that’s insecure. Literally every character is trying to figure something out, and feeling badly that they just can’t seem to get it right. While I’m not exactly rooting for Tasha, I really don’t wish her (inevitable) fate on her, either. And just as hard as her scenes can be to watch, it would be even harder to look away. Of course I’m gonna keep watching.
We’ll have to see what happens, but … think it’s safe to say we all kinda doubt she gets her happy ending.
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