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NBA: Lets Strive For Some Consistency, Thanks.

The NBA offseason has been a pretty interesting one. Some would even say it’s been more entertaining than the whole season. With the trades and free agent signings some teams made, the league is gearing up for an exciting 2017-18 season. But no news rocked the NBA this offseason more than Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving expressing he had no desire to play with LeBron James anymore.

Irving no longer wants to be a sidekick to James. Nor does he want to play for an organization who has revolved everything around someone who will most likely be leaving them next season. Some of you might be saying, “well if James is leaving after this upcoming season why can’t Irving just wait and be the man when he’s gone?”

The answer to that is simple. He just doesn’t want to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers anymore which he has every right not to. I mean, why would he? Dan Gilbert isn’t exactly the most enticing owner you would want to play for. It’s safe to say there are far better options out there. Not to mention, that team is built specifically to maximize James’ skill set and not so much Irving’s.

A lot of people have strong opinions on what these NBA players choose to do in their careers. But, it’s important to note these players are entitled to make decisions – especially when it comes to their careers. Just like we are entitled to our opinions on their decisions. The only issue is some people are rarely consistent with their opinions. It changes like the seasons.

Recently, Charles Barkley said Irving’s request of wanting to be traded from the Cavaliers was stupid. His statement was, “You want to be on a good team. You want to play with other great players. This notion where you want to be the man, I just think is so stupid. If I got a chance to play with another great player, I want to do that. The objective is to win.”

That’s cute. I seem to remember a certain person who went to play with “great players” on a “good team” and didn’t want to be the face of the franchise. However, that was referred to as the weakest move ever. That person goes by the name Kevin Durant.

You guys remember KD, right? The man that joined the 73-9 Golden State Warriors, who he blew a 3-1 lead to and blah blah blah. I know that argument is running through your mind right now as you sit there and say the situations aren’t the same. But it is. Both of these talented players want to dictate the terms of their career path and have personal happiness in doing so.

The same people calling Irving a snake or his decision “stupid” for wanting to essentially leave a “super” team and be the face of a franchise are the same ones who ripped KD apart for his decision. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say KD is soft for joining a good team and not wanting to be the man on his own team, but turn around and say Irving is stupid for wanting to do the opposite.

Don’t contradict yourself when you’re trying to dictate what players can do when they want to take their careers into their own hands. That seems to be the problem. Some fans have a problem when players want to take their own destiny into their hands but when a team trades someone, “it’s just business.” Give me a break.

The double standards need to stop. Let’s just be consistent.

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