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Must-See Artists at AfroPunk 2017 by Day (And the Songs to Know too.)




Crooning to the sounds of Raphael Saadiq are one of the things we look forward to most at AfroPunk. His latest sounds are heavily blues-infused and we can’t get enough. But let’s not forget the classic hits. A Tony! Toni! Toné! would be epic.



This guy’s set is injected with swag all around. (Trust us, we’ve seen him live before.) You definitely have to get the chant down for his “Come Down” song, but once you listen to that, you’ll definitely want to listen to the entire album.



If you’re looking for an unaltered depiction of AfroPunk this is the band to check out. Mosh pit galore, they were featured last year and the vibe was quintessential subculture punk. Their latest song “United States of Horror” is a political anthem that will be amazing performed live.



Get your flower crowns out, Michael Kiwanuka is going to sing to your soul. His latest album Cold Little Heart is a soul funk rock dream. Definitely check out his most popular hit, “Home Again,” from his debut album.



Fusing funk, rock and soul, Gary Clark brings the familiar sounds of yesteryear into modern times. His voice feels R&B, but his work on the guitar gives his songs a distinct funk rock vibe. If you’re into Leon Bridges you should definitely listen to his latest album.



Founded in 1989, these guys know subculture because they are subculture. Don’t let age fool you, they bring definite metal sounds and mad energy, too. We’d give you a link but they’re so hard to find, so just don’t miss their show.

Are you as excited for AfroPunk as we are? If you haven’t already decided on your look for the day, be sure to check out this post for the best places to get African clothingbecause as we all know, the attendees at AfroPunk always slay the fashion game.  

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