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#Charlottesville: The Facts and The Fear.

January 20th, 2017 was the beginning of the evolution of racism within the United States. Has racism always been a problem within this country? Of course. However, January 20th, 2017 marked the country bringing in a president who is known for his racism. Most of this country agreed with his blatant disregard for the quality of human life beyond rich, white males. His opinions and actions have lead people to believe that it is okay to create violence and attack others simply based on the color of their skin, their gender, their ethnicity or even their sexual orientation. In other words: we are living within a country that is validating racism tremendously.

On July 8th, 2016, I made a post in regards to the inadequacy of the governmental system of the United States in regards to African-Americans:


Adolf Hitler was a man who allowed his failures to destroy him and took his hate out on a specific group of individuals. He came close to eliminating an entire religious group of people and the United States government ONLY stepped in because they had begun to be affected. If the United States Government is so quick to stop the killing of individuals of other countries, why is it so hard to protect the ones here? There is a Holocaust manifesting on your own soil but all we see are police officers hiding behind their shield and mothers fearful to let their sons outside because they may be killed for walking around Black.

A people should not be afraid to open their front doors because of how they look and they cannot control who they are or the pigmentation of their skin.

The devastation Hitler brought is engraved into our education system and we are taught to mourn and remember all the lives that were unjustly taken and all the blood that leaked onto the hands of Hitler; let a black person ask for some justice or to follow the violent history that happened just yesterday and you get told to forget. Is the government ashamed because history reveals the monsters that created this system? Is the United States government telling people to forget because they do not want to account for all the blood they have on their hands?

Isn’t there a saying that says if we do not learn from history, history will inevitably repeat itself? We are told to ignore history and we are still being hunted for failing to have “blonde hair blue eyes”. Blacks are not the image of “the people”. The constitution says “we the people for the people”; Blacks fall short of equality cause we are not “the people”. Equal protection of the laws falls short of Blacks because we are not “the people”. Blacks will keep dying until the government realizes that “the people” needs to be ALL citizens of the United States and right now it is not. The United States Government system has “criminal” (blacks) and “justice” (whites), then other races that fall in between.

It’s sickening…just fucking sick.”


We watched individuals march throughout the streets of Charlottesville with lit tiki torches and swastika symbols everywhere; we watched Hitler come to America.


Well…the problem is that it isn’t something just a part of the older generation. If you’ve taken the time to see the photographs and videos of those who were involved in the violent protesting within Charlottesville, a large majority ranged between the ages of 18-25. For some time, we believed that it was the older generation that was non-accepting of the diversity of this country and that the youngsters were the ones who could leave racism behind; well…Charlottesville proved us wrong. Our generation is still dealing with a lot of racism and there are still a lot of individuals who believe in white superiority.

However, what we are starting to realize is that white supremacy isn’t stemming just from hatred of other races, but because those who believe in white supremacy don’t believe in sharing. They believe that because they aren’t the only ones at the top, that this means that they are suffering from some sort of oppression.


The definition of oppression—as defined by Merriam-Webster—is “prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control; the state of being subject to unjust treatment or control; mental pressure or distress”. After years of history courses, I’m pretty certain that Caucasian individuals—specifically Caucasian men—have never been placed under any of these definitions.

Did they have to exist within a country that considered only 3/5ths of them to be considered a human and that only came into creation because of congressional benefits? Did they ever have to explain to their sons and daughters that they need to consistently be mindful of every single move they make because if they aren’t, they could potentially be killed based on the pigmentation of their skin? Did they ever have to face prosecution because the law considered them getting married to be illegal—Loving vs. Virginia? Did they ever face harsher punishments within the criminal justice system simply based on pigmentation and placed within a “justice” system who sentenced them to death just because the jury felt like it—Furman vs. Georgia? Or have they ever dealt with a law that banned them from having consensual sex within their own homes—Lawrence vs. Texas? Or have they had to deal with being so belittled within a country that, for years, they weren’t even allowed to vote—Leser v. Garnett and the 19th amendment?

If we look at history and just study the law, we see that the law has consistently been working in the favor of the people who have the nerve to be yelling “oppression”. They run through the streets, take lives and cause chaos while being able to go back to work the following week with no consequences; that’s oppression? Instead of police officers firing bullets and arresting people by the dozens, they fled or fired a few containers of pepper spray; that’s oppression? They are blatantly expressing how they are the only ones that belong in this country when their ancestors were the first immigrants and invaders. They talk as if this is “their” country when it was never their country to begin with. They speak as if they have suffered tremendously because they do not want to see others succeed.

What happened in Charlottesville wasn’t about oppression, it was about fear. We have transformed into a country in which interracial couples is a common thing, homosexuals can receive marriage licenses, women can vote and they are not happy about not being the ultimate superiority group anymore. They are in fear of sharing the top. They are in fear that the color of someone’s skin, the gender of a person and the sexual orientation of a person is beginning to not hold others back anymore; now they are acting to keep us down. Just as Adolf Hitler did, they are targeting all those who don’t fulfill the “blonde hair, blue eyes” standard in 2017. They are fearful of change and development.


We have made this much progress, there is no way we are going to be stopped now. We are within a country that never supported individuality and diversity, but was founded and built by immigrants, but they want the immigrants out the country, but are immigrants themselves. Really contradicting, huh? Well, that’s the dumb ass reality we live in. Though this country consists of assholes such as the ones in Charlottesville, we still have the heroes who risk their lives in order to fight for everyone’s rights. We had those who walked with swastikas in Charlottesville, but we also have those who tore down those swastikas in Charlottesville. It’s unfortunate that people’s selfishness is causing this sort of disgusting uproar, but—just as we’ve done in the past—we will keep fighting against it.

RIP Heather Heyer.

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