Black Indie Artists… Know of any? If we’re being frank, when it comes to indie artists, the musicians who get the most recognition look nothing like you. It’s almost to the point where indie music is practically mainstream pop–and what a shame.

For the record: the definition of indie music is music produced independently from any mainstream companies. So why does the term seem to be so whitewashed? That’s a question for another day. 

Fortunately, all indie artists aren’t the same and if you do some digging, you can find some great black indie artists that look, talk, and think just like you. For this post, we’re giving you 7 black indie artists to check out before summer’s over.


Raleigh Ritchie

Grey Worm from Game of Thrones proves that he is one talented, multifaceted artist that masters a chill kickback vibe. His “debut” record You’re a Man Now, Boy is an album that features most of his independently produced tracks but you’re definitely going to want to listen to the Raleigh Ritchie + the Internet (another Indie artist) mash-up: “Black and Blue Point Two.”



You’ve probably sang along to his radio hit “Location,” but if you haven’t already, listen to his full debut album American Teen. It’ll quickly become a part of your just chilling playlist rotation. Catch him live at Shadow of the City in Asbury Park before summer’s end.



We literally can’t get enough of Jamila Wood’s style, artistry, and sound. Her song “Holy” incorporates a classic gospel sound to craft one epic song about self love and self care. It perfectly captures everything that Jamila Woods is.



The artistry of FKA TWIGS is unmatched. It’s not entirely clear if it’s even possible to take your eyes off of her when she performs live. She’s that breathtaking as a performer. Foraging her own lane, it’s hard to put FKA TWIGS in a specific genre. All we know is that once you hear her songs like “Two Weeks” you won’t be able to get it out of your head.



We mentioned her in our previous post about artists to see at AfroPunk 2017. This indie rapper is definitely in-your-face and unapologetic. Her songs scream girl power and instead of tearing other females down her lyrics, she aims to build the “less-than-perfect” woman up.



Definitely a part of the indie R&B scene, Xavier Omar’s independent album Hours Spent Loving You featuring indie producer Sango is definitely one to play all summer long. Similar to Khalid, Xavier’s lyrics and flow are the type that’ll make you relate to every single word.



You’ve heard a piece of Kelela’s smooth vocals on Solange’s “Scales,” but you haven’t experienced true Kelela until you’ve heard “Up All Night” from her album Cut 4 Me. Her music features emotional vocals and  lyrics with intoxicating electronic beats.

Drop us some other indie artists you can’t get enough of in the comments.

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