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Basketball Unfiltered: An Introduction – Has Lavar Ball Gone Too Far?

Hey, my name is Marsha Green and I am a 25-year-old quirky, funny, spontaneous millennial who grew up in the fast pace city of New York. I love Jesus, music, and I enjoy food.  I’m the youngest child of six and I’m often labeled as the “spoiled brat,” but that never stopped me from working hard towards my goals. While being the youngest girl of a boy-ridden family, I often spent my time watching different sports and violent shows with my siblings.

Whether it was cowboy movies, wrestling with my father, or NBA games with my cousins, I never really found myself on the “Barbie” side of the spectrum.

As I got older, I realized that I had a natural talent for talking and debating with others, so I decided that I wanted to be a broadcaster. I registered in school as a Communications and Broadcast Journalism major and started my journey towards becoming a television broadcaster.

Along the way, disappointments and the lack of encouragement caused me to switch my major and steered me away from my dreams. However, after practically walking around in circles for a year and a half, the light bulb went off in my head and I figured it out. I could combine the two things I love the most, Basketball and talking.

That’s when I knew that’s Sports Broadcasting was always my dream. After spending time on many social media platforms debating with others on the sport, I knew I had to take this seriously.

Fast forward a couple of years and here I am, letting you into my life and preparing you for an opinionated girl who will be giving you her unfiltered thoughts on everything basketball. Whether it’s the long drama filled season of the NBA, the vibrant excitement of high school basketball, or the “madness” of college ball in the NCAA, I am excited for you to join me on this journey. Where we will learn together, argue together, and grow together.

This is me, so let the fun begin and turn the page so we can get right into the discussion.

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About Marsha Nadine

25 year old Capricorn. Born and raised in Brooklyn NY. I love Jesus, music, food and basketball. One day you'll see me on ESPN screaming about Lebron James' greatness!!

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