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BBQ Season Is Here… Vegans Don’t Panic

Eating Vegan with Non-Vegans Can Be Tricky to Say the Least…

But navigating the BBQ scene (meat! meat! meat!) can feel a bit more difficult. It may almost feel like you have to walk around with your own Tupperware filled to the brim of foods you can actually eat.

While bringing food along with you is never a bad idea, you might expose your friends to something delicious in the process, there is no reason to fret.

Here are 3 easy tips for eating vegan at a non-vegan cookout (and actually enjoying the food).

Brooklyn Buttah - navigating bbq season as a vegan

TIP 01: Change Your Mindset

The point of a BBQ is to hang with good friends & family. Don’t get too hung up on what you’re going to eat. Trust me, there will always be something vegan. The next three tips will ensure you don’t go home starving.

Navigating BBQ season as a vegan-1

TIP 02: Scan for Vegan Foods

Salads, veggie kabobs, grilled corn on the cob, watermelon, chips, water ice and more are all yours for the taking. I typically set some of these naturally vegan foods to the side so they don’t get eaten up in one swoop by others.

Vegan Side Dishes for BBQs

TIP 03: Bring a Side Dish (Or Two) That Everyone Will Like

This way you’ll contribute to the group and have something you can eat right away. (Psst… Think outside of a salad. That’ll probably be there already. Here’s a list of easy vegan dishes non-vegans will like.)

Beyond Burgers - best meatless vegan burgers

TIP 04: Cook Yourself Something on the Grill

BBQ-worthy food like vegan sausages or BEYOND burgers work great. I always bring extras because everyone always wants “just a little taste” of what I’m eating and it’s a good way to prove that eating vegan food ain’t so bad after all.

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