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4:43, Every Woman’s Letter To That One That Cut The Deepest

Jay Z’s 4:44 album hasn’t blared through our earbuds for more than just a few days and has already gone platinum. Not to mention, the rapper’s latest body of work has sparked some incredible follow up pieces – like that of Candice Benbow’s “4:43.”

You may be familiar with the writer and educator through the #LemonadeSyllabus and #SeatSyllabus hashtag. In response to Beyoncé and Solange’s thoughtful albums, Benbow created free downloadable resources capturing the voices and thoughts of black women.

Now, Benbow has taken Jay Z’s 4:44 and penned a piece every woman can effortlessly see herself in. An artful mirror of words pulling on the shared experiences of women worldwide loving a man, only to watch his back as he leaves with a trail of broken hearts in his wake.

No woman can read this and not say, “well damn just read my letter to the world.”

“Because I saw the best in you. I nurtured it, pruned it, watched it grow. And now someone else gets to sit in the field of my flowers. I can’t even fault her though. I’m sure our stories are similar. I’m sure, before you, there was one who robbed her of hope too. I’m sure he allowed her to invest in him with no intention of ever offering a return. So, I can’t even be mad.”

Whether you’re knee deep in the situation, recently walking away, or living in the recovery of the aftermath, ladies, take the time to read “4:43” and take stock of your value. Gentlemen, it would be wrong if you didn’t blast 4:44 and spend a few moments reading through this as well – there’s a lesson and reflection for everyone in this piece.

Click here for the full piece.

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