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Keeping Your Friend Circle Not Small, But Supportive In 2017

We have all heard the saying “I keep my circle small” when speaking to someone about friendships and loyalty. I would have to agree this is a key factor in certain situations. But no matter what, big or small, is your friend group supportive of you and your goals?

In the year 2017, millennials are working to “secure the bag” and reach their next level. It’s essential to have a friend group that supports your every move. This goes way beyond having a yes man in your corner, but having friends who sit with you, helping you expand your goals while also telling you when you might be making the wrong move. Although it can be challenging to be there constantly for your friends, it’s something that has to be reciprocated on both ends.

Take time out to check in on their process and make sure that the stresses of the world are not weighing too hard on their shoulders. You can even take time out to research exactly what they’re trying to accomplish and send inspirational quotes, guides to accomplishment, and articles that could aid their projects in the making.

These may seem like pretty simple tasks that your peers can do on their own, but seeing the effort and support of someone who knows your goals and sees how hard you are working towards them means more than a simple pat on the back.

The main focus in today’s world regarding friendships is weeding out snakes and letting no one enter your small circle of trust. But this is where people are wrong. You can have more friends than you can count on your hand, and they’re all great friends. It’s about the type of people you choose to be around you.

Make sure that every friend you decide to let in your space understands your goals, supports you and aids to your process of growth mentally, spiritually, and even physically.

You won’t have to worry about snakes and underlying haters in your friend group due to the size, but more so realizing who’s actively supportive and goes out of their way to understand your dreams. It could be something as simple as sending out job postings to your friend who has been busting their but to find their dream job, or even tweeting out links to their latest blog posts, YouTube videos or simply showing up to their events.

So remember, don’t worry about keeping your circle small in 2017, but more about keeping supportive, loving friends in your corner.

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