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In the Age of Social Media: Not Comparing Your Success to Others After College

To those who spent May switching their tassel from side to side, congratulations! To those getting ready to walk across that stage, you made it! Happy graduation season.

As we scroll and double tap on all of our friends slaying their graduation flicks, there is a general sense of euphoria unifying the class of 2017. All the late nights studying, partying, balancing, it has all been wrapped up in this one day. Now what?

When it comes to social media today, almost everything is shared. Just scrolling down your timeline you can figure out where one of your followers went to brunch that morning, what city they’re visiting for the weekend, and what activity they’re doing in that exact moment. Social media has taken over and become the LinkedIn of our generation. Branding and letting your followers know what project you’re working on is an everyday thing.

So what do you do after graduation when everyone seems to be posting their newest positions and their platform seems to be excelling?

It may be challenging to stay sane and feel content with yourself because your process is moving a little slower than others, but your time is coming. Being comfortable in your process and taking your time is all you can do. Dwelling on others success versus yours will only bring your confidence down.

While your peers are receiving their blessings, look within yourself and highlight the areas you may need to work on when it comes to building up your opportunities. Disengage from social media and redirect your focus. This can involve brainstorming events for your brand, starting a blog, engaging in alumni networking events to connect with a potential mentor, joining organizations within your field that can help you figure out the steps needed to excel in your career.

Redirecting yourself away from the social media blasts and becoming more focused on yourself rather than your peers can cultivate great ideas for yourself when it comes to building up your future opportunities.

Read a book, go enjoy some alone time, and do whatever it is that helps you find your calming place. Books not only bring entertainment, but also great knowledge and insight about how to be confident within. Sit back, relax, and get cozy with a good novel, your time is coming.

Lastly, celebrate who you are. Even though you don’t have any recent wins, your previous wins are still just as important. Take a break from stressing about catching up to others and celebrate your own success. Treat yourself to lunch or a few drinks and use that time to step back from the work and wind down.

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