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5 Summertime Makeover Tips to Transform Your Home

With summer approaching fast, it is time to spice up your boring, outdated living area for something fresh and new with the makeover your home has been begging you for.

A summertime makeover can transform your home into the perfect place to spend time during these warmer months.

A little time, money, and creativity is all you need to make your household the best it could possibly be during this season. It’s time to get your hands a little dirty and welcome summer into your home the right way.

Listed below are 5 makeover tips to help you renovate your humble abode and make the best of this joyous warm season.

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Let the Light In

It is important to brighten up rooms with natural light during this time of year. Therefore, look for all the ways you can let in natural light to the rooms in your house. Swap out the heavy, dark curtains you have for sheer ones or natural window treatments which will allow light to get in. Throw open the doors and windows, and get rid of any pieces you may have that are dark and gloomy.

You can also opt to put a mirror in the rooms of your house. Hanging mirrors will also help reflect natural light in.

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Use Bright Colors

The color scheme you choose to have in your room can provide a huge difference in the feel of things. You should opt to include bright or pale colors which can create a more summery atmosphere. Add some decorative, colorful throw pillows to any room to provide a transformation.

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Set a Colorful Table

This falls into the same category as adding bright colors to your color scheme. You should look to use bright floral and tropical accent dishes along with your everyday plates and bowls. You can also place a bright vase with flowers in the middle of the table to create a look that is perfectly seasonal.

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Summery Scents

It’s a beautiful thing when you walk into a room and it smells good – especially when the scent corresponds with the weather outside. Companies have created seasonal scents to be sold to consumers for that exact reason.

Therefore, it is important to switch out scents as the seasons change. Go for a scent that is fresh like an ocean breeze or citrusy scent. Candles are the perfect go to for a room because of the calming factor it brings.

Rearrange your furniture

It’s time to give yourself a new view. Rearranging your furniture during the summer is the perfect way to do that. Moving your furniture around is one of the easiest things you can do to get yourself and your home into the summer mood as well as feeling brand new. One suggesting is shifting the focus of the room toward a window.

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