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#BlackVeganMagic: 5 Black Vegans You Should Follow… NOW

Where are all of the black vegan bloggers?

It’s true. Finding inspirational vegans who look like you can feel like a daunting task. But, alas. Black vegans do exist.

Here are 5 black vegan bloggers and vloggers you should follow if you’re thinking of going vegan, already vegan, or are just an all-around foodie.

Trust me, they’re definite #goals.

Sweet Potato Soul

She’s one of the first black food bloggers who convinced me that being a vegan might not taste so bad. Her effervescent personality makes you feel like she’s actually your friend (or is that just me?) and her skin routine is clearly POPPING. Details puh-lease.


If you’re looking to amp up your fitness game while maintaining a vegan diet, this is the guy you should follow. SoTrueQ provides quick easy vegan meals that are protein packed and perfect for the vegan fitness-enthusiast. He put me on to apple sauce mixed with flax seed. (Hunger? Where?) And he ain’t too hard on the eyes either. *wink.* *wink.*

Black vegans to follow: A practical approach to a vegan lifestyle especially for families

Brown Vegan

Perfect for families going vegan, this vegan blogger has plenty of resources (podcast, vlog, e-books, starter kits, and more) to keep you and your family happily vegan.

The Chic Natural

Follow her for quick and yummy vegan meals as well as your daily dose of fierce fashion and natural hair goals. Her meal preps are BOMB and her style is so worth stealing.

London Afro Vegan

For un-basic vegan food (think Jamaican vegan recipes) I head to London Afro Vegan’s page. Her recipe videos are detailed without being drawn out and she’ll put you on to vegan recipes that you’ve never even thought of before.

Have some other black vegans you love to follow? Shout them out in the comments and I’ll check them out. They could be featured next!

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Hey, I’m Jordan. 28. Just married. Mother. Vegetarian attempting to be vegan, but DAMN - my momma makes some banging baked macaroni & cheese. Total advocate for part-time veganism... You can do it!

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