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Nia Kay, Humble. Different. Interesting.

Nia Kay is not your average teenager. The Chicago native is a quick-spittin’ rap artist who has a mission to empower through her rhymes – shying away from today’s mumble rap.

“I can’t really say the music now is inspiring me because it’s like you can put anything to a beat and they’re in love with it because of the beat. You don’t know the lyrics anymore. Dreezy was just saying it should be a genre called ‘mumble rap;’ and it should because you can put mumble rap on a beat and it’s automatically a hit now,” she explained during her New York City press tour.

The well-spoken 14-year-old is literally always ready. Whether it’s about an upcoming exam – because school is still at the top of the list – dropping a freestyle, or hitting the studio to record, this young lady is locked in and focused.

You feel her sense of urgency and hunger from her single “Issa.” There’s no time for snakes and haters, in Nia Kay’s world there’s no time to entertain the nonsense.

Following her appearance on Jermaine Dupri’s The Rap Game, the young star is ready to continue sharpening her iron. Dropping her first EP, Duchess today (May 16), she is already set to tour this summer and continue growing as an artist.

Stream the EP here and check out our conversation with Nia Kay on the following page.

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